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Beach 1-C

"The Pink Rocket"


launched 1/19/2020

Beach-1C (The Pink Rocket Project) is a heavily modified derivative of the B-1 rocket. B-1C was designed to compete in the 2020 FARMARS Competition, and incorporates several major system overhauls and improvements including a new engine design, advanced avionics and telemetry package, and the use of experimental materials in the vehicle's structure. Our team painted the rocket pink to celebrate and encourage women in STEM!




Type: Liquid Bipropellant

Propellants: JET-A & LOx

Length: 19 feet

Dry Mass: ~ 120 Lbm

Wet Mass: ~ 160 Lbm

Injector Type: Pintle Injector

Nominal Thrust: 610 Lbf

Nominal Burn: 15 seconds

Fuel Feed System: Pressure Fed

Cooling Method: Ablative Cooling



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